Employed at Lodz
University since:
1983.03.01,  Institute of Sociology, Faculty of Economics and Sociology
Department: Sociology of Organization and Management
Position at Lodz University: Full Professor

- Chief of Sociology of Organization and Management Department, editor-in-chief of Qualitative Sociology Review ( ), chair of a section of Qualitative Sociology and Symbolic Interactionism of Polish Sociological Association. Vice - dean for Scientific Research, Faculty of Economy and Sociology (2016-2019)


- The President of Polish Sociological Association (since 2017)


- The member of the Board of European Society for Study of Symbolic Interaction


- The member of the Executive Committee of European Sociological Association (2013 - 2015)


- The member of  the Board of Qualitative Methods Research Network of European Sociological Association.


- Member of the Board of Polish Sociological Association


- The member of Sociology Committee of Polish Academy of Science.


- The member of of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Mainstreaming Social Sciences (IJMSS)


- Editor - in - chief of Qualitative Sociology Review

- Associate Editor of International Journal of Mainstreaming Social Sciences (IJMSS)


 - The member of the Scientific Board of  Approches inductives, Univerrsitie du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres (since 2013r.)


- The member of Editorial Board, e-methodology (since 2014)


- The member of Scientifc Board of Problemy Zarządzania (Problems in Mangement) 


- Member of the scientific board of the editorial series Inferenze/Evidenze (Inferences/Evidences).



- Member of the Editorial Board in Polish Socjological Review.


- The member of Editorial Board of Lodz University Publications. 


- Reviewer of research projects to National Science Centre

Academic field: social sciences
Academic discipline: sociology

Methodology of qualitative research, sociology of organization and management, sociology of interactions

Certified hatha-yoga instructor

Special interests: symbolic interactionism and interpretative sociology, visual sociology, Japanese studies, human - non-human animals interactions, research on yoga and meditation practices, organizational culture and symbolism, organizational identity and corporate image, sustainable development, contemplative sociology
Number of supervised masters: 100
Doctoral promotions: 12
More information:

Prof. Krzysztof Konecki – sociologist of many faces (Science and Scholarship in Poland)



Courses taught

Sociology of interactions, Qualitative Methods of Research, Communication in Organizations, Organizational Culture of Japanese Enterprises, Human Resources Management, M.A. seminar, Ph. D. seminar, qualitative research seminar, lectures on human - animals relations, Intercultural Communication, Organizational Communication, Contemporary Sociological Theories; Contemplative Sociology. Experiencing Self, No-Self and the Life Word. 


Workshops: "Meditation for managers", "Hatha-yoga practice", "Techniques of stress reduction and coping with emotions", "Contemplative sociology and grounded theory. Towards contemplative grounded theory", "Phenomenological explication of experiencing of phenomena - on the base of auto-observation", "Visual Grounded Theory", "Intra-actions as social situations". 

Awarded Master Theses Promoted by prof. dr hab. K. T. Konecki

Membership in academic organizations

1984 - ...     member of Polish Sociological Association, member of the Board since 2006; President of PSA since 2016
1985 - 1990 member of Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism
1993 - ...     member of International Sociological Association
2005 - …      member of European Sociological Association, member of Executive Committee 

Course of education

1983 Lodz University, M.A. in Sociology
1989 Warsaw University, Ph.D. Human Sciences
1996 Warsaw University, habilitation, Human Sciences

The main Scholarships, grants and Academic Prizes

2021 - Prize of Stefan Nowak for achievements in the field of qualitative methodology and innovative qualitative social research. University of Warsaw. 

2019 - University of Lodz Rector's First Degree Award for the book: Advances in Contemplative Social Research, Lodz: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytet Lodzkiego / Krakow: Jagiellonian University Press, 2018.

2014 - The prize of Rector of Lodz University for the book: Krzysztof T. Konecki, Anna Kacperczyk, Piotr Chomczyński, Marco Albarracín (2013) The spirit of communitarianism and the cultural background of the Limoncocha community in the context of sustainable development and environmental protection. Quito: Universidad International SEK in Quito, Ecuador. [ISBN: 978-9942-930-06-4]

2013 - The prize of Rector of Lodz University for the book: Is the Body the Temple of the Soul? Modern Yoga Practice as a Psychosocial Phenomenon.Warszawa: Diffin.

2011 - Research Grant from the Universidad Internacional SEK (Quito, Ecuador) for interdysciplinary and community research in Limoncocha, Ecuadorian jungle: "La relacion entre los recurcos naturales de la laguna de Limoncocha (Integridad  ecosistema para actividades turisticas y pesquerias) y el desarollo socio-economico de la comunidad local (2011 - 2012). 

2011 - The prize of President of Lodz University for organizational activities
2010 - Medal of the National Education Commission.       
2008 - Medal "In Service to Society and Science", University of Lodz.     
2007 - Distinction of "Personality of Academic World", Student Forum of Business Centre Club. 
2006 - Gold Cross of Merit.
2003 -  Prize of Lodz Uniwersity President for the edition of book: ' Introduction to Sociology of Management', by Lodz University Publications, 2002.
2002 - 2005 Grant from Committee for Scientific Research (KBN) for research project 'Cultural Conditions of Human Resources Management'
2001 - Individual Prize of Lodz Uniwersity President for the book: Studies in methodology of qualitative research. Grounded Theory.' Warszawa, PWN, 2000.
1999 - Individual Prize of Lodz Uniwersity President for the book 'Headhunting', Warszawa, Alfa - Wero, 1998
1998 - Grant of RSS for the research on ' The organizational identity of Polish enterprises. Consequences of Privatization.' Research Support Scheme, Batory (Soros) Foundation.
1994-1995 Fulbright Scholarship - Fulbright Foundation (Research on headhunting in Silicon Valley)
1989-1991 Japanese Government Scholarship, Monbusho – Ministry of Education of Japanese Government
1990 - Award of President of Lodz University, for distinction in teaching Uniwersytet Łodzki
1990 - Prize of Education Ministry for PH. D. thesis

Participation in research teams

2001- 2003 Primary executor of research project: 'Flexiblity of job demand in Poland. Analysis and methods of stimulation'
2002- 2004 Team leader Research subject: Cultural Conditions of Human Resources Management'
2010 ... - Team leader of the research project: The social construction of Human Resources Management procedures. Grant of MInistry of Science and Higher Education. 
2011 -  The project - “Desarrollo Sustentable de la Comunidad de Limoncocha: La relación entre los recursos naturales de la Laguna de Limoncocha (Integridad ecosistémica para actividades turísticas y pesquerías) y el desarrollo socio – económico de la comunidad local.” (2011 – 2012, the leadears of interdysciplinary research project  Marco Albarracin and Krzysztof T. Konecki; project financed by  SEK Universidad, Quito, Ecuador).


Visiting professorships

2022 -  University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

2018 - Chuo University, Tokyo, lectures

2015 - Palacky University, Olomouc

2012 - SEK Universidad in Quito, Ecuador

2011 - SEK Universidad in Quito, Ecuador

2009 - Tubingen Universitat, Germany 

2005 - Chuo Daigaku, Tokyo, Japan

1994 - 1995 University of California San Francisco, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences (participation in

Anselm L. Strauss methodological seminar)

1995 - Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, Pittsburgh University

1995 - Howard University

1989 - 1991 - Chuo University, Tokyo

1988 - Trento University



Some publications

 Konecki, K. T. 2022. „Empathy! So What?” Przegląd Socjologii Jakościowej18(4),194–233

 Konecki, Krzysztof T. 2022. “Who Am I When I Am Teaching? Self in Yoga Practice.” The Qualitative Report27(11), 2623-2658.

 Konecki, K. T. 2022. „Lifeworld and Deathworld in Human and Nonhuman Animal Relationships.” Symbolic Interaction, early view online,

 Konecki, K. T. 2022. The Meaning of Contemplation for Social Qualitative Research. Applications and Examples. London: Routledge. 

 Konecki, K.T. 2021. “Deathworld of the City of Łódź: Insider Experience.” Pp. 27-45 in Deathworlds to Lifeworlds edited by V. M. Bentz & J. Marlatt. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter.

Konecki, K.T. (2021), "Contemplative Grounded Theory: Possibilities and Limitations", Denzin, N.K.Salvo, J. and Chen, S.-L.S. (Ed.) Radical Interactionism and Critiques of Contemporary Culture (Studies in Symbolic Interaction, Vol. 52), Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 151-186.

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 Konecki, K. T. 2021. The cognition of something in front and something in the background. Is “taken-for-granted reality” experienced? Władze Sądzenia, 19: 312-323.

 Konecki Krzysztof T, Anna Kacperczyk, red. 2020. Wizualizacje życia codziennego w badaniach interakcjonistycznych. Visualizations of everyday life in interactionist inquiry,Łódź: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego.

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Is our body the temple of the soul? Contemporary yoga practice as a psycho-sociological phenomenon, in Polish.  
 Współczesna praktyka 

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Some papers presented at conferences 

Paper 'Reproduction of Organizational Culture'. Presented on the conference 'Human Resources Developement', May, 2004, Limerick, Irlandia.

Paper: "Grounded Theory and Serendipity". The 37th World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology, Stockholm, Sweden, July 5-9, 2005. Frontiers of Sociology.
Paper: "Visual images. The main research strategies and methodology of grounded theory." Conference of European Sociological Association, Torun, September, 2005.
Paper: "The Identity Work and the Social Process of Motivation Construction in Entrepreneurial Activity", McMaster University (Canada) "Studying Everyday Life 2006: Symbolic Interaction and Ethnographic Research Conference", Niagara Falls, May 16-18, 2006.
Participation in International Sociological Congress of ISA; Research Committee on Biography and Society RC38, XVI ISA World Congress, Durban), June, 2006, Durban (RPA) Paper: "Identity work, redefinitions of self and self-confidence in the narratives of Polish entrepreneurs. The paradox of individualistic collective identity."  
 ESF KRISTIANSAND WORKSHOP: IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF QUALITATIVE RESEARCH,  “Triangulation in qualitative field research”. June 24 – 28.2007, Kristiansand, Norway. 
 8th Annual Conference of the European Sociological Association. Glasgow, UK. 03 – 06.09.2007,  “Robert Prus field explorations” 
“Application of visual sociology in the research of human and non – human – animals interactions,  EUROQUAL Conference on Qualitative Visual Data Analysis, September 17 – 21, 2007, European Academy at Berlin, ESF, TU Berlin.
 “Coding Families for Visual Analysis. Visual Grounded Theory applications in the research of everyday live.” „7th International Conference on Social Science Methodology. Naples, Italy, ISA, RC 33, Logic and Methodology”, session “Re-discovering Grounded Theory. Forty Years of the Research Practice”, chairing the session, Septmeber, 1-5, 2008.   
“Teaching Grounded Theory with Images and Visual Analysis”, international conference: Teaching Qualitative Methods, 4th Mid – term Conference, ESA, Qualitative Methods Research Network, Łódź, 15-17 September, 2008, chairing the session and chairing the meet the author with David Silverman.
 "Visual Grounded Theory” ESA RN – QM Midterm  Conference, 20-22.09.10.  Bayreuth, Germany, “Innovating Qualitative Research: Challenges and Opportunities. New Directions in Religion, Technology, Migration and Beyond."

 Conference "Qualitative Transitions: Issues of Methodology in Central and South-East European Sociologies", Rijeka (Croatia), November 19-21, 2010, opening of conference speech  and presentation of the paper "Visual Grounded Theory. The Development of Grounded Theory in Poland"

 „Hatha – yoga as everyday life religion. Sociological analys.” Conference of SSSI, University of Kassel, July, 2011, Conference topic: Everyday life, Social Control and Ethnography. 

 „The body is a temple of the soul – which is about the process of becoming hatha - yoga practitioner. Practical constructing of private and quasi – religion.”ESA Conference, 7 - 10.09.2011, Geneva,“Social Relations in Turbulent Times.” ESA Network 20, Qualitative Methods.

"Polish Qualitative Sociology. Insight into the future of postdisciplinary research. DGS-Kongress 2014 "Routinen der Krise – Krise der Routinen" 6.-10. Oktober 2014 (Trier); 10/2014,

Paper: “Standing in the Public Places. Etno-Zenistic experiment.” The conference of  ESA, Differences, Inequalities and Sociological Imagination, Prague, 2015, August.

 Presentation in plenary session  with Anna Kacperczyk Symbolic Interactionism in Poland, -  The VIIIth Conference of the European Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction, Studying Everyday Life: Generic Dimensions of Interactionist Inquiry, Poland – Łódź, 4-8.07.2017 

 Paper: „Phenomenology and Grounded Theory.” –  ESSSI Conference, Couch-Stone meeting, Lancaster University, UK, “’Whose side are we on?’ Power, Stigma, Transgression and Exclusion in Everyday Life.” 4-6 July, 2018. 

 Plenary session presentation on International Workshop on Trust, Rikkyo University in Tokyo, Japan October, “Trust in Symbolic Interactionism and Phenomenological Investigation.” 5th–6th 2018. 

 Krzysztof T. Konecki, Presentation of a book; book session: “The meaning of contemplation for social qualitative research. Applications and examples” London: Routledge, Conference - Contemporary challenges for qualitative sociology: digital developments, ethical requirements, quality standards, Network 20, ESA, Copenhagen; VIVE, University of Copenhagen, 24-26.08.2022.

 Krzysztof T. Konecki, presentation of a paper - "Can you stop your mind and your daily activities? An analysis of meditation in yoga practice." Conference - Contemporary challenges for qualitative sociology: digital developments, ethical requirements, quality standards, Network 20, ESA, Copenhagen; VIVE, University of Copenhagen, 24-26.08.2022.






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- Polish Sociological Association


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